It is quite common to feel sad and melancholy at times, particularly when you know the cause or can pinpoint a recent distressing event that has left these feelings lingering, which gradually dissipate over a short period of time; these are quite normal and instinctive expressions of emotions that require processing. Over time these emotions are identified – analysed – and then we begin to move on.

Do I have depression?

The common feeling of sadness or a below average mood is generally something we learn to accept and recognise as a transitional state. As we try and make sense or evaluate surrounding influencing factors and circumstances that are contributing to those feelings. These are normal processes at work; however if our coping skills are underdeveloped and the depressed state continues over a long period and or extends without even moments of relief, then under these circumstances a severe form of depression has developed and is capable of having a negative effect on your physical and mental health.


In extreme cases depression can provoke thoughts of self-harm or even suicide. These ideas can often develop when a person with depression feels overpowered by a sense of helplessness, being ‘trapped’, and unable to see a way out or incapable of considering any future.


Should I consider counselling?

If any of the following has applied to you over an extended period, then Depression Counselling can be beneficial in changing how you feel in a productive and positive way. Some signs of depression include:


  • I cant make decisions because I am overwhelmed
  • Most of my thoughts seem to be negative
  • I feel lethargic, tired and prefer remaining in darkness.
  • I feel unmotivated and struggle hopelessly
  • I have stopped enjoying things that I used to find pleasurable
  • I find it very difficult to get out of bed in the mornings
  • My social activities have declined with friends and family
  • I find everyday activities difficult to maintain
  • I struggle to contain emotions such as tearfulness


Counselling for depression will present you with several diverse, practical treatment options, whilst being supported and managed by a professional who is trained in addressing varying degrees of depression. If you can’t manage these feelings on your own, you need help in order to move forward and assist you to exist without the devastating effects that these extended feelings of despair and desolation carries with it.


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