When we are feeling anxious it’s the body’s way of sending transitory messages of disturbance through natural human emotions. There may be good reasons and you may be fully aware as to why you feel anxious and that’s ok. If these messages persist, become unbearable or develop more frequently or seem to be occurring for no apparent reason, it’s the body’s way of saying “I am still not happy and I want something done about it”. Trying to function normally in activities the demands become more exhaustive and may inhibit important day to day functioning.


What is Anxiety

Anxiety is a natural emotion it is a built in wired reaction to fear, an elevated concern or prolonged feeling of emotional discomfort, nervousness or worry about something with an uncertain outcome. Generally this emotion is typical when confronted by danger, susceptibility or critical demands; our physical and mental alertness become heightened and responsive because they need to be in order to deal with the presenting task.


Once these stresses vanish, so do these urgent feelings of anxiety. When prolonged and entrapped episodes of anxiety; that may also include uncontrollable, intense, and repetitious thinking occurs without apparent triggers. This persistent response is considered rather irrational and unnecessary; this disorder can gradually exhaust you as well as impact on your every day performance. If you find this type of anxiety becoming inhibitive it may be worth while seeking help from a counsellor.


When should I consider anxiety counselling?


Sometimes it isn’t easy explaining the way you are feeling; do you experience any of these statements?


  • Feeling fearful for no apparent reason
  • Obsessive & obtrusive thoughts
  • Difficulty maintaining concentration
  • Trouble sleeping (e.g. difficulty falling or staying asleep or restless sleep)?
  • Hot and cold flushes, Cold or sweaty hands and/or feet.
  • Racing heart, tightening of the chest and/or muscle pain (jaw or back)
  • Snowballing worries
  • I feel restless or on edge
  • Unnecessarily irritated
  • I sometimes experience panic attacks


If so you may find anxiety counselling worthwhile


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