An addictive state can happen to anyone

The most common forms of addictions are alcohol, drugs, gambling; however equally as widespread are sex, shopping, work, pornography, computer games, food and sometimes an obsession with work or success.

Under normal circumstance all of the above activities may not affect our life until we become dependant on them and that’s where this conduct becomes unhealthy; because we find it difficult to moderate or stop these actions, they begin to control our existence to the point where they interfere with the order of our lives. The dependency and addictions towards these behaviours damages more important activities for our healthy survival such as family life, relationships, careers and social activities


Why do addictions occur?

Individuals are especially exposed to supporting addictions if they become overwhelmed when managing adverse or demanding circumstances; their immediate reaction is to seek a quick coping mechanism. Reaching for something that will deaden the pain or by giving temporary relief by making them feel care free. As humans we are by nature pleasure seekers to avoid pain sometimes at any cost. If we are unaccustomed to dealing with the stresses associated with life circumstances, those artificial coping tools become less and less effective as time goes on, and as a result, more and more quantities are required to attain the same effect and our ability to cope naturally reduces so the only alternative available is the substituted mechanism; in short this means the habit has now become an addiction.

People are often embarrassed about these dependencies, or dread that their addiction may be discovered and fear further consequences or are overwhelmed about not being able to cope without these means; so they lie and hide their addictions from people that are close to them. But of course eventually the symptoms of an addiction will inevitably be discovered as the effects penetrate responsibilities, commitments and the quality of life.

Giving up an addiction after long participation is challenging because the mind and the body has to get used to functioning without it.

If you are finding that your addiction is too difficult to manage on your own, or attracting too much ruin and negativity in your life; you may want to consider how life could be without this dependency. There is help available to show you how to break habits and attend to the cause of these cravings that too often shatter lives becoming the root of so much anguish and despair.




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