Drug and Alcohol Counselling

February 25, 2016

The first important step

Problematic drug and alcohol use may have a detrimental impact on your physical health, and adversely affect your psychological, social and emotional well-being. The effect that drug and alcohol dependency may have on your relationships can be quite devastating, and may even drive your loved ones to breaking point.

Awareness of how alcohol or drug misuse has affected your life and the people you love is a powerful moment of opportunity for change to occur. Taking the step to seek advice may even start improving your relationships, as it demonstrates to your loved ones that you are committed to making positive changes in your life.

When drug and alcohol use becomes a problem

It is very common to turn to drugs or alcohol as a way to avoid some of the difficulties we experience in life. You may not have realised the extent of your drug or alcohol problem, or that your actions are affecting others in distressing ways. Sometimes it’s an event, or the concern of a loved one, that may bring it to your attention.

Common signs of drug and alcohol dependency include:

  • Unable to function well without consuming drugs or alcohol 
  • Unable to reduce or stop your consumption of drugs or alcohol 
  • Increasing your usage in order to achieve the same effect
  • Becoming defensive and lying about how much you consume
  • Relationship breakdown as a consequence of addictive behaviour
  • Detrimental impact on career and finances

Even though using drugs and alcohol as a means of coping with personal difficulties is common, usually the adverse effects outweigh the benefits. There are other ways of coping with life’s difficulties and improving the way that you feel with far fewer negative consequences.

Drug and Alcohol counselling

Through effective drug and alcohol counselling, you will directly manage the root cause of your dependency, regain self-control and set out to live life at your full potential. With Life Supports help, you can move forward in a positive direction and start to enjoy your life free from the constraint of addiction. A drug and alcohol specialist will focus on the key issues that will help you take back control.

Some of these key issues include:

  • Confronting the problem
  • Discovering the underlying cause
  • Breaking addictive patterns and habits
  • Teaching coping strategies to get you through each day
  • Challenging negative thinking

Taking Action

Your relationship with your drug and alcohol counsellor should consist of trust, honesty and confidence in order for you to move forward positively by addressing your problematic drug and alcohol use.

Specialist Drug and Alcohol Counsellors and Psychologists

Providing expert support and treatment is crucial for those with drug and alcohol dependency problems. The implementation of effective strategies to assist in setting achievable goals and maintain positive change is the key to a successful path forward.

Life Supports accredited drug and alcohol counsellors and psychologists are qualified, experienced and competent, and able to provide you with the specialist services required.

Find a Life Supports Drug and Alcohol specialist in your local area

To make an appointment or enquiry you can speak with an intake consultant on1300 735 030.

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