Sexual Abuse Counselling

Sexual Abuse Counselling


The results of untreated sexual abuse has become more evident and more exposed when we compare with old attitudes that assumed that this type of trauma can just be suppressed, out of sight, forgotten, and by getting on with life. This was assumed the best way of addressing the frozen and terrifying feelings of the past.


The harsh realities of this experience and all to often, before one is fully developed, impacts on how we grow; although it may not always be evident that these feelings can re-emerge at times when we are not necessarily in control of life’s challenges that provoke tension during times of least resistance. The way we cope and indeed the degree of progress in life can often become detrimentally influenced by this often unspoken chapter of the past.

Abuse is traumatic and its effect can leave one feeling:

  • Insignificant
  • Ashamed about being a casualty of abuse
  • Underdeveloped self-respect
  • Guilty and somehow accountable for what happened
  • Inhibited about making progressive life decisions
  • Isolated even when amongst friends


As you can see these feelings can unconsciously be restrictive as adults to our general wellbeing and particularly towards effective human interactions; well ahead of the original traumatised event. These feelings often lead to overwhelming emotions that are difficult to manage and are frequently suppressed.


One defensive reaction is to seek overdoses of pleasures, that come in many forms and often lead to addictions thereby creating added life obstacles that can become obsessive, adding more pain and destruction. If we are unable to manage our basic responsibilities then effectively over time, this one chapter has the potential to drastically lower our quality of life and achievements.


Recovery through professional support assists those affected by perusing the trauma responsible for these obstacles in order to reduce its impact of those memories that prompt unmanageable emotional intensity that disrupts daily life




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