General Counselling

Who has time to talk about problems these days and who has time to really listen? We live in a society that requires quick results to challenges that often materialise somewhere along life’s voyage; and usually when we are stressed or spreading ourselves thinly amongst a mountain of commitments that transform into an ordeal, or faced with unfamiliar circumstances that really tests our emotional thermostat. What ever the challenge, and with the help of our own resources and the support of others, we are usually able to work through many of these issues ourselves and move forward in our lives.

However there are times when life can feel, bewildering, devastating and out of control. This may also involve ongoing periods where we feel distressed, worried or even isolated from family and friends and without being able to identify why these feelings continue to occur. At times these emotions can be too complex and challenging to face alone, and sometimes seeking independent support is the best alternative for us.


I am a General Counselling Therapist, this means that I can work in a way to suit the issues that emerge for you as a client, and there may be additional issues that are at the root cause of your complaint that may need to be at the forefront before addressing the original reason for your attendance. By using a whole range of therapeutic strategies, rather than being confined to a single method of working; I find that being able to adapt offers a more efficient standard of assistance.


The counselling procedure involves care and support in a safe environment, in order to recognise and release inhibitive issues of concern one step at a time. These issues may involve any number of difficult life experiences or past problems that can impact on current feelings or behaviours. They may include concerns around:


  • Personal and occupational interrelationships
  • family interactions
  • social or occupational life’s direction
  • career choices
  • substance abuse
  • feelings about your self
  • anxiety – depression
  • grief related to trauma or loss
  • co dependence issues
  • general confusion about life in general


Anything you bring to general counselling will be worked through in a logical, step by step manner whilst seeking your regular approval; In order to make sense of your concerns, in order to help you to move forward in an encouraging and productive way.


If you are having difficulties surrounding these issues, don’t suffer in silence, talk to someone or act on making a change that will help you through your difficult times in a constructive way, in order to make sense of your experience through the support of a trained clinician.

















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